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Screen Porches

Screen porches are one of our favorite backyard projects. There is no better way to extend your outdoor living space than with a custom-built screen porch. If you can dream it, we can build it. Not sure if you want a gable, hip, or shed roof? Let one of DPTU’s designers help you decide what will work best with your existing home. DPTU can provide you with a 3D CAD design, you can see it before we build it.

Already have an existing roof? Let DPTU add the screen walls and door with a no maintenance aluminum screen framing system.  Your new screen porch is typically completed in one day!

Deck & Patio Tune Up is the number one screen porch builder in southeast North Carolina.

PVC Decking

The best of the best when it comes to maintenance free non-wood decking. This decking choice is typically defined by sophisticated, real-world aesthetics that stay cooler on hot days. PVC decking has no organic materials, and therefore can never rot, making it an ideal decking choice for pools, docks, piers, rooftop decks, and waterfront retreats. PVC decking can be installed with hidden fasteners. Manufacturers typically warranty PVC decking from 35 to 50 years.

Composite Decking

A big step up from that old tired wood decking. Composite decking is where you’ll find the biggest differences in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer. Not all composite decking is created equal. Composite decking typically has organic materials in the core of the board with a pvc extruded outer shell. Proper installation and appropriate site conditions are paramount to a long-lasting and beautiful deck. Manufacturers typically warranty this decking product from 20 to 35 years.

Pressure Treated Decking

Pressure treated decking is the most commonly used decking today and what most people envision when they think about decks.  To manufacture pressure treated lumber the wood is immersed in liquid preservative and placed in a pressure chamber.  This process allows the chemicals to be forced into the wood fibers.  In 2003 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency restricted the use of Chromated Copper Arsenate in the manufacturing of pressure treated lumber.  The industry for the most part has moved to using Alkaline Copper Quat as the chemical for the manufacturing process.  When you hear “they don’t make it like they used to”  it is absoulety the case when it comes to pressure treated lumber. Chemicals in pressure treated wood are generally not good for humans and pets. Pressure treated wood typically comes with warnings advising you to wear gloves and avoid breathing the saw dust.  Never burn pressure treated lumber!  With the change in the chemical, you can expect well maintained pressure treated decking to have a life expectancy from 9 to 12 years.

Exotic Hardwood Decking

Looking for something a little different from your standard pressure treated wood deck. We offer a wide range of exotic hardwoods from Ipe, Tigerwood, Camaru, Grapa, and Massaranduba. These hardwoods make for some stunning decks, but will also require significant maintenance in order to maintain their appearance. Our exotic hardwoods are sourced from suppliers that are members of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and RAC (Rainforest Alliance Certified).

Pressure Treated Railing

Are the traditional standard for wood railings. Typical pressure treated railing will have a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 top rail with 2 x 2 vertical pickets. If you have decided on a wood deck. We would highly encourage you to consider upgrading your wood railings to one of our maintenance free railing options. Deck maintenance is one thing, but sanding, staining, & painting all those 2×2 pickets is not fun. Unless of course deck & railing maintenance is your hobby.

PVC Railing

A great railing choice, delivering exceptional value for a customers who are tired of the maintenance of wood railings. This is the first stop on the no maintenance railing options. PVC railings offer an exceptional value and provide a source of design excellence. PVC railings are offered in multiple colors and multiple infill options.  You can chose from 2×2 pickets, round aluminum pickets, cable railing, and even glass. If you have decided to stay with a wood deck, we suggest you consider the PVC railing upgrade.

Composite Railings

A great option for the homeowner looking for a no maintenance railing with a very high quality finish. Composite railings not only have beautiful finish but will maintan that look for years to come. Composite railing is available in multiple colors and sheens. Additionally you have the finish options of square pickets in numerous colors, round pickets, cable railing, stainless steel pipe railing, or glass.

ADA Compliant Hand Railing

As a North Carolina Licensed General Contractor we are well versed in providing and installing all your required ADA hand railings.

Commercial Building

We can help you design and install railings both inside and outside your commercial project. Whether it is a final touch of a beautiful glass handrail or the required code compliant ADA hand railings needed for your commercial project. Deck and Patio TuneUp is your one stop solution for all your commercial hand railing needs.


A great way to bring some additional design interest to your outdoor living space, they also can provide shade and support for a ceiling fan.  Additionally we offer a polycarbonate pergola roof cover. Available in three colors and designed to diffuse the sun and heat in your outdoor patio space. Our pergola roof cover system is designed and approved for use in high wind zones, meeting the hurricane wind zone standard of up to 159 mph.

Accessory Lighting

Lighting not only brings spectacular ambience to your outdoor living space, it also provides added safety as well.  Lighting comes in different forms from post cap lights, riser lighting, under rail lights and dome lights. We love lighting and look forward to helping you design your space.


Many times we find our customers decks can benefit from just a new deck top. This can save them thousands of dollars and extending the life of the deck. Sometimes it is even as simple as new railings or a deck cleaning to bring your outdoor space back to life.